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Project Description
Implements a Linqpad DataContextDriver that allows to query MongoDb using LINQPad. This Driver implements the necessary glue code to connect LINQPad with the User's Entities and the NoRM Library which does the heavy lifting.


There is currently no installer provided so you will have to compile and install the driver from source which is actually quite simple. Please follow these steps:

  1. Download and install LINQPad
  2. Add LINQPad.exe to your local Global Assembly Cache (gacutil.exe /i LINQPAd.exe)
  3. Download the Driver Sources
  4. Open the Driver Solution in Visual Studio 2010 and Build
  5. Optional Step: Copy your version of NoRM.dll into NoRMLinqpadDriverDeployer/Libs to override the version of NoRM deployed along with the driver
  6. Run the Solution Startup Project (NoRMLinqpadDriverDeployer)

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